“Because of its ability to stay put, its great feel and response, and its portability, I think that the Groovpad is the best practice pad I’ve ever used!”

PAUL DELONG – Kim Mitchell, Tom Scott, David Blamires, Lawrence Gowan, Carlos Del Junco, Roger Hodgson and more….Instructor at Humber College


“It’s a great add to my carry on and allows for warming up/practicing just about anywhere…really stoked on it !!”

TIM OXFORD -The Arkells

“Groovpad is F*CK*#N awesome !! It’s an ingenious product, well worth it’s weight in gold for any drummer. It sure has come in handy !”


“Groovpad is a quiet and awesome feeling practice pad…so grippy it even sticks to the wall…that’s crazy !!”

DAVIDE DIRENZO -Tom Cochrane, Cassandra Wilson and more

“This pad has such great response, and is so compact, convenient and light… it’s actually made me practice and work my hands more than I ever had! It’s with me at every one of my gigs from now on !”

RANDY COOKE -Ringo Starr, Smash Mouth, Five For Fighting, Colbie Caillat

“Groovpad is a game changer…So easy to pull out anywhere and get a good warm up in…I use it in the dressing room and it is practically silent…great feel, great convenience !”

BARRY CONNORS -Holly Woods & Toronto

“I love this pad! The feel is great, with just enough bounce to get the hands working in my warmup routine. Will stay in my travel bag for good !”

ROY NICHOL -April Wine


“I find other pads are too hard which gives too much bounce. Groovpad has a great feel, and I can roll it up and take it anywhere which means I’ll practice more.”

OWEN DAVEY – Future Star/ Multi Instrumentalist